I was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1984. That was a busy year, Apple released the first Macintosh, Indira Gandhi was assassinated and AIDS virus was isolated and purified.

A few years later, here I am, writing a few lines about me. A computer science guy, PhD in biomedicine, I enjoy playing electric guitar, reading and procrastinating. I barely speak four languages and now I’m trying to learn some Japanese to increase that list.

If you’re interested in my career, please check my LinkedIn profile.

And now some random information 🙂

My favourite cities:
Tokyo, Barcelona, New York, Osaka, Helsinki, Berlin, London, Manchester and Madrid.

Projects I’ve developed or participated in:

My daily applications:
Firefox, Thunderbird, vi, bash, ssh, python, PyCharm, atom, pidgin, iTunes, iChat, Dropbox, Last.fm, Spotify, Tuxguitar.


My gadgets:
MacBook 13″, Sony Nexus C3K, Canon EOS 100D, Honor 6+.

Ibanez RG550, Ibanez 655-FSO, Custom Telecaster, Skervesen Raptor 6, Skervesen EbonyMachine, GF Custom Euler 6.