BcnDevCon 2012

December 9, 2012 at 13:09

This year I’ve attended to the Barcelona Developers Conference. It was fun and I really enjoyed a few talks, specially “From pull to push, the road to real-time web” by Aitor Guevara (@aitorciki), Cocos2D workshop and Arduino workshop, where I played for the first time with an Arduino One board.

Comparing this conference to the Madrid Codemotion I also attended, in my opinion BcnDevCon was richer in workshops, but lacking big state-of-the-art topics. But definitely, it was really well organized (kudos to the organizers!) and I’m planning to attend next year’s edition.

Now I feel inspired to start playing with new API’s and technologies and, why not, start a few new pet projects. More posts coming soon!

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